Holz Export Flooring

The company was founded in 1992 as a family business and during more than 20 years of its existence it has become one of the largest and the most dynamically developing manufacturers of two-layer engineered floors in the industry. We are delighted to supply and support their full range to the Irish Market. Contact us for more information.

Holz floors are made entirely of wood – a natural material.

This is why looking after natural environment, which gives us this precious resource, it is of utmost importance to us. The certifications implemented in the company – FSC® and PEFC – prove our care for proper selection of material from reliable sources and supervised farming plants.

Holz hold the Ü mark,

The Ü mark is the highest quality standard  which confirms that Holz floors meet strict requirements of the German market as regards the emission of hazardous chemical substances.

Eco friendly production

Holz use the material to the very last scrap - the waste from the production process is used to produce pellet. The company employs renewable sources of energy in its manufacturing process, which means we can produce floors and save energy at the same time.

Holz Export Collections

Premium Floor

Discover short woodblocks from our basic collection. You will surely choose something for you! Within this collections various types of woods can be found and interesting finishes. Create a suitable atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of wooden floors.

Are you fond of modern patterned floors or do you prefer serene classic compositions? Right and left woodblocks will allow you to fit even the most unusual patterns on the floor. Premium Floor works best in any interior, because the final result is entirely up to your creativity and ideas. Nothing stands in your way!

Premium Floor Board

Explore our basic collection that offers long boards. You will find a variety of wood types, generous palette of colours and a number of possible finishings. Create a suitable atmosphere and enjoy classical beauty of wooden floors.

Natural wood will splendidly highlight the beauty of any interior. With 153 mm of thickness and 1200/1000 of length, the Premium Floor board will be ideal for both large, spacious interiors and smaller rooms. Express your style and choose from a broad range of wood types offered in the Premium Floor collection.


An absolute classics of floors. A timeless herring bone pattern – its new form dominates modern interior decoration trends. Although minimalistic, it will enliven any room with its unique structure and interesting pattern. It will fit retro style, but will also be suitable for monochromatic, modern rooms. If this is your style, do not forget about the Chopin!


Changeability of the Pythagoras collection will tempt people who reject boredom. A relaxing floor can easily transform into a wild, energetic and exuberant one when the light changes. Are you fond of diversity? Choose this collection!

Pythagoras parquets may be fitted in a number of ways. There is only one limit for combination each patterns – your imagination. This collection can make each interior look both classical and avant-garde, depending on the incoming light angle.

From soft brightness through deep shades of brown to exciting ginger – there is plenty to choose from! The colours of the Pythagoras collection will satisfy everyone!

To see the full range and appreciate the quality of this product visit our showrooms where we will be happy to welcome you and advise. This gallery will give you a brief insight into of some of the available styles and finishes,