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Our vision is to lead the sustainability transformation of our industry, caring for people and the planet

What we’ve learned from 100 years of commitment to sustainable practices is that sustainability is ever-evolving. Rather than a destination, it’s a multifaceted journey that changes as our world changes. Developments in technology, new innovations, and cultural shifts are all part of how we continue to create a better world. Our sustainability journey is aligned and in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and is focused on bringing better products and practices to Home, Health, and Humanity – across the globe.


Reducing our environmental impact, being carbon neutral by 2040.


Business growth through healthy and innovative choices.


Fair and equal opportunities for our employees and supply chain.


The planet – Being sustainable for the planet, reduce the environmental footprint.

Bona’s commitment to sustainable development is based on our concern and care for our home – both our planet as well as the home where we live.

First electric truck in Germany

Bona purchased an electric truck (or E-truck) for its facility in Germany offering an emission-free transport system. Because Bona’s Limburg facility is equipped with solar panels, the new Scania truck will be fueled by green electricity

Safer Choice certification

In 2020 Bona received Safer Choice Certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency which is one of the premier certifications to ensure that the products contain ingredients that are safer for both human and environmental health. In 2021 Bona was recognized as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year.

Rethinking packaging

Bona’s new “sausage packaging” saved packaging material and thereby CO2, compared with the traditional buckets. Over the past five years Bona has avoided using 258,810 buckets which is a CO2 savings of 243,281 kg.

Investment in geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy method where energy stored in the ground is used to heat a facility. Recently, Bona invested SEK 4.5 million in a geo-energy system for the production unit in Malmö, Sweden.


The business – Being sustainable for the business, sustainable growth through innovation.

Bona is committed to sustainable and healthy business growth through innovation.

A sustainable business model

Bona’s business model, which is founded on renovating rather that replacing flooring surfaces, is structured to ensure that future growth considers the sustainable perspectives of the environment, economics, and social conditions. It is our responsibility to ensure that Bona’s value chain maximizes positive impact and minimizes negative impact.

Vision 2023

Bona aims to be a long-term and profitable company, without compromising the company’s responsibility for the environment, personnel, social conditions, or human rights. Bona has established a 10-point strategic initiative, Vision 2023, that strives for holistic growth based on sustainability, innovations, employee growth, and customer driven development.

New Distribution Center

In 2021 Bona purchased land to build a new 26,000-square-meter Bona facility in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. The project, which was completed in 2022, supports more efficient operations and increased internal capabilities allowing Bona to operate in a more environmentally friendly way and reduce its carbon footprint.

Focused business growth

We aim to be a long-term, profitable company without compromising our sustainability responsibilities. In 2021, Bona had organic growth of +2,6 percent measured in nominal SEK, which, measured at comparable exchange rates, is +10.9 percent.


The people – Being sustainable for people, respect for people.

Bona is committed to being a responsible, caring company. We strive to make a difference for communities locally and globally.

Managing our forests

This year, Bona announced a partnership with WeForest an organization that conserves and restores the ecological integrity of forests and landscapes and engages communities to implement and deliver lasting solutions for climate, nature, and people. WeForest’s goal is the reach over 100 million trees restored or conserved by the end of 2024.

Partnering for the global good

Since 2016, Bona has collaborated with Hand in Hand, an NGO that fights poverty through grassroots entrepreneurship to increase the quality of life and health of vulnerable people in the world. In 2021 Bona also supported the project BEE in Kenya through Hand in Hand a project that diversifies farms engaging in beekeeping.

Our most important resource

Bona’s most important and significant resource is our employees. Human rights starts with us and we strive to be a sustainable workplace where employees thrive and develop. Therefore, we have zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination and are committed to equal pay for equal work.

Training for best practices

The Bona Certified Craftsman Program (BCCP) is in its eleventh year working to educate and connect flooring craftsmen. In EMEA and APAC Bona has 926 BCC’s while in North and South America Bona has 993.

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