Berry Alloc High Pressure Floors: the world's strongest floors.

The influence of Norway’s majestic panorama can be felt in all BerryAlloc high pressure floors, crafted to deal with extremes. Incredibly tough yet exceptionally beautiful, our high pressure floors will help you create your picture-perfect room. 

The design of these durable floors breathes harmony and elegance. They are the toughest on the market, winning prestigious contracts such as those for Heathrow Airport, or the Milan 2015 Universal exhibition. Perfectly suitable for high traffic areas and busy environments, but perfect at home as well. 

At BerryAlloc, we prioritise high quality and design, because you deserve nothing less. Let happiness inside with our high pressure floors.

Apart from the fact that our high pressure floors are the strongest in the world, there are a lot of other reasons to choose a high pressure floor for your home.

Original Range

High pressure floors that offer you a durable, silent and water-resistant floor.

Grand Avenue Range

Make a statement with our high pressure extra long and extra wide laminate planks.

Grand Majestic Range

Grand Majestic welcomes the majesty of nature in unique super-wide and extra-long planks for a strong and beautiful floor.

Why choose high pressure floors?

Extremely impact resistant

Whoops, something heavy fell on the floor. No worries! The thick, high quality surface has a super-strong protection layer. It can withstand serious impact and still remain mark-free and undamaged.

Scratch resistant

An AC6 wear layer offers the highest protection available in this class. These floors are extremely scratch and stain-resistant, so completely suited for intense commercial traffic or a busy home life.

Water resistant

Spilled something on the floor? Did the rain get inside? No problem. The robust water-resistant top layer protects both the surface and the bevels. The product core is fully water resistant as well.

The strongest lock

One of a kind: our patented aluminium lock adds extra strength to our already solid floors. In fact, you don’t even have to use expansion profiles for areas up to 15 x 15 m. Got a heavy-traffic commercial space? This is the floor for you.

Easy to install

The strongest lock and the easiest installation system! Just push down the planks and our patented aluminium lock fixes the plank into place. Super simple and ready in no time.

Made in Norway

Every high pressure floor is made in Norway – a label we’re proud to wear. There’s no doubt that our high pressure floors reflect the beauty and strength of Scandinavian design and technology. The entire creation process, from concept and design to manufacturing and packaging, takes place in our plant in Lyngdal, Norway, under the careful eye of our dedicated experts.

100% sustainable development

Our raw materials, manufacturing, production and distribution processes have been carefully chosen to protect and respect the environment.


With a sound-absorbing underlay attached underneath the floorboard, noise is reduced by more than 19 decibels.

Easy to maintain

Our high pressure floors require minimal effort and are very easy to clean. They will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Lifetime warranty

Rigorously tested for strength, water resistance, impact damage, fading and discolouration, as well as stability and wear, we wholeheartedly confirm that this floor meets the conditions of a lifetime warranty for residential use.

Plenty of matching accessories

Looking for that perfect finish? We have several matching and aluminium accessories, including skirtings, profiles, and maintenance products. Complete your flooring project in style.

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