Grande Product Features

Real Wood Sensation

The clear and matt lacquered surface texture brings vivid realism to the floor. The different urethane lacquers make the top wear layer feel warm and comfortable underfoot.

Natural Variety

Flooring built up with the exact same planks screams fake. That’s why we invest in natural variety. The different decors in our premium 9 mm collections consist of minimum 20 different planks, each with their own wood pattern, so there’s hardly repetition in a floor.

Ultra HD Print

Ultra high definition laminate radiates precision, contrast and depth. Every knot and wood grain is rich and vibrant. Laminate flooring has never been so vivid and realistic.

Parquet Bevel

The grooves are milled in the top lacquer layer, so that the pattern runs nicely in the bevel – just like parquet. The HDF board is better protected and there is less likelihood of damage caused by moisture.


HydroShield combines a tight and water repellent click system with natural looking V-grooves: no water can seep into the click joints. It's the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms.


Balterio laminate floors carry the PEFC label your guarantee of responsible forestry management, which is your guarantee of responsible forestry management and conservation. For every tree that we chop down, we plant a new one.

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