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Wood floors are a lifelong product of natural beauty and durability. Positive aspects of our wood flooring include affordability, low maintenance and environmental soundness. Wood floors are the healthy flooring choice as they don’t harbour allergens, microorganisms and pesticides that can be brought in from outdoors.

All our floors are sourced from premium European suppliers which are manufactured to the strictest environmental standards and carry FSC of PEFC certification. Each of our floors are natural and unique with no two floors alike and all are extremely durable with the best, high performance , scratch resistant finishes on the market.  We offer a wide variety of styles that include plank, herringbone, chevron, and panels, all of which are available in different widths and décors.

Surveys state that architects / interior designers find wood flooring is the most versatile floor covering there is. Designers rated natural materials as superior to man-made materials in beauty, prestige, style, maintenance, and durability and goes with both contemporary and traditional styles and everything in between.

Any room except a full bathroom. All our floors come with low maintenance finishes making them suitable for any room in your home. With proper maintenance a hardwood floor can last many lifetimes and increase the value of your home should you decide to sell.  Please refer to maintenance guidelines or contact our technical staff for advice.

For commercial areas, such as restaurants, hotels etc, weekly cleaning is advisable.

Engineered floors are manufactured using real wood in multiple layers with a top layer of premium hardwood. This construction counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, making engineered products inherently dimensionally stable.

A ‘floating floor’ is when a floor is laid down over a layer of underlay. Individual planks are glued or locked together without being glued or nailed to the subfloor. With this method the floor ‘floats’ over the underlay, but it is important to have expansion breaks between room.

Yes. For the most effective transfer of heat, it is best to bond the floor directly to the subfloor. For ‘floating’ installations it is essential to use an underlay with a vapour barrier attached that is between the concrete and wood floor.  This underlay must be suitable for Underfloor Heating systems It is important to follow the specific guidelines for hardwood floors installed over radiant heat.

Please refer to fitting instructions for more details.

There isn’t much difference in the hardness, between the different hardwood species e.g. oak, maple available for flooring. However, when it comes to the durability of the floor it all depends on the finish/treatment applied by the manufacturer. For example, floors by Boen with ‘Live Pure’ finish have ten coats of lacquer applied to the surface. This protects the floor from dust, dirt and liquids thanks to a special treatment incorporated in the finish. It also offers a higher UV stability than traditional paints and oils. This means that after laying and while in use no other surface treatment, other than cleaning, is necessary.

Plank, parquet (herringbone/chevron/patterns etc.) and panels. Plank creates an informal / casual look while parquet styles create a geometric/nonlinear visual. A combination of different styles is possible without the need for breaks and transition bars.

A) Format – Plank of Parquet.
Planks, for an informal, casual look are available in different widths or Herringbone / Chevron designs for a more stylish visual.

B) Grade.
Different grades of wood are available, Rustic for floors full of character or Prime Grade for a modern contemporary aesthetic.

C) Texture.
Consider a Brushed Finish or maybe an Ultra Matt Finish for the most natural look that reflects the least amount of light.

D) Colour.
Light Coloured Floors make a room appear more open and airier.
Medium Coloured Floors make a room feel warm and cosy.
Dark Colours make a room feel Stately and Refined.


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