Bona | Superpad 407
Green, Tan, Red


Bona Super Pad 407 mm can be used for several purposes – sanding in between coats, oiling, polishing, or cleaning the floor, or as a backing for a net. The lighter the colour, the less aggressive the pad is to the buffed surface

Key Benefits:

• Long-lasting
• Strong Construction
• Complete assortment




White - 407 mm x 25 mm
Backing for sanding screen. Can also be used for buffing polish.
Tan - 407 mm x 25 mm
For polishing
Red - 407 mm x 25 mm
For daily cleaning
Green - 407 mm x 25 mm
For periodic cleaning and oil maintenance
Brown - 407 mm x 25 mm
For oil application
Black - 407 mm x 25 mm
For heavy duty cleaning and polish stripping
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