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Maëstro | Stair Tread & Riser Kit
Dark Grey Stone

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The Maestro Stair Cladding system is an innovative tread-over-tread stair rejuvenation system. It uses the original staircase as the base for which the new treads and risers are installed. It is available in both premium quality laminate and real oak veneer (although here at floor design the Veneer is a special-order item). The laminate treads have a slip-resistant finish and the system is designed to transform virtually any staircase, whatever its shape or size. You can really get creative with this product as it allows you to mix and match tread and riser colors in any combination you desire for your home with a range of 8 Laminate tread colors and 9 Laminate riser colors and of course the real oak Veneer riser and tread.



1 m x 300 mm x 56 mm
Wide Tread
1.3 m x 380 mm x 56 mm
1 m x 200 mm x 8 mm
Side Cover
400 mm x 60 mm
Transition Profile
1.3 m x 70 mm x 10 mm
Half Landing
2.05 m x 230 mm x 8 mm
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