Grande!.... The next big thing

The natural looking floor

that is also water-repellent

Laminate has never been so realistic. It?s virtually impossible to distinguish Grande from genuine parquet. What?s more, a Grande floor doesn?t just look good, the long ? wide and narrow ? planks are also water-repellent. This makes Grande the first laminate floor in the Balterio range for installing in bathrooms too.

Ultra high definition

Ultra high definition laminate radiates precision, contrast and depth. Every knot and wood grain is rich and vibrant. Laminate flooring has never been so vivid and realistic.

Natural Variety

Each laminate plank is unique, just as it would be in nature, so there?s no repetition in a floor of 10 m2. Combine 2 different plank widths to create a 100% natural impression.

Huge range of finishes

Grande will be available from June in a large range of finishes. Contact us for more information and to view samples of this breakthrough floor.

How do I care for my floors?

Wood is natural,
care includes moisture management.

Wood is a natural product that responds to its environment. It is a hygroscopic material, which means that it will lose or gain moisture until it is in equilibrium with the air surrounding it. In dry conditions, such as during winter months when heating systems are in use, wood floors will shrink, which will result in gaps between floor boards. In wet conditions, such as during summer months when humidity is higher, wood floors will swell. This is a normal reaction of wood floors that will occur from season to season. You can minimize these changes in your wood floor by maintaining your home between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30-50 percent humidity year-round.

Maintenance?do?s and don?ts

Wood floor maintenance is quick and easy. Routine cleaning involves sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming using the bare floor setting to remove dust and dirt. Clean spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Don?t use wet mops or steam mops, which will damage the finish or even the wood over long periods of time.

To avoid scratches, place breathable throw rugs at all entrances, put floor protector pads on the bottoms of the legs of any furniture that comes into direct contact with your floors, and avoid walking on the floors with sports cleats or high-heel shoes.

When the floor begins to look a little dull, use a wood floor cleaner recommended by your installer to maintain finish. Use the product as directed, and only use products recommended by your contractor, flooring manufacturer, or finish manufacturer. Using the wrong type of cleaning product could damage the finish, and possibly the wood.

Kids, dogs, and cats, oh my!

Today?s wood floors are designed to withstand the traffic of busy family life.?For pets in particular, you can minimize scratches by putting breathable rugs at all doors to minimize dirt and debris being tracked in from outdoors. You also should trim their nails regularly, but need to understand that scratches can and will happen with pets. When scratches do occur, they most likely will be in the floor surface only, and are easy to repair.

Trouble shooting and repair.

Over time, you may experience subtle changes in your wood floors that you are not sure how to repair. These changes can include things like squeaks, gaps that don?t close with seasonal changes, pet stains, or finish wear in high-traffic areas. These issues can usually be repaired by a certified wood flooring professional.?Contact us at Floor Design for advise and ?recommended professionals.

Recommended maintenance schedule

These maintenance recommendations are provided as a general guideline. Your personal maintenance requirements will vary depending on the wear and tear on your floors. You may need to perform maintenance more frequently, or less frequently, depending on your lifestyle.
Daily: sweep or dust mop.
Weekly: vacuum using the bare floor setting.
Monthly: clean with recommended wood flooring cleaner.
Every 3-5 years or as needed maintenance coat.
Every few decades or as needed sand and refinish.

Which Wood floor is right for my home?

? Which species is right for me?

The species you select will depend on your style, budget and personal preferences. More than 50 domestic and imported species of wood flooring are available to achieve your unique look. As a general rule, light woods will make a room appear more open and airy, medium woods will make a room feel warm and cozy, and dark woods will make a room feel stately and refined.

Site-finished or factory-finished?

Both site-finished and factory-finished wood floors have benefits and advantages. Choosing one over the other will depend on the level of customization you want to achieve, and your personal preference.

A site finish is one that is applied on the job site, in the room where the floor is being installed. This method offers the most customization. The trade-off, however, is that you will need to allow time for the finish to dry, during which time you will not be able to walk on your floor.

A factory finish is one that is applied at the factory, long before it reaches your home. This method offers the least customization. The benefit is that you will be able to walk on your floors immediately after they are installed.

Engineered or solid?

Both engineered and solid wood floors are made using real wood, but each has different uses based on where you want to install it.

Solid wood floors are made using one solid piece of wood. The thickness of the wood can vary, but generally ranges from 5/16? to 3/4?. Solid wood flooring can be used in any room that is above ground. One of the many benefits of solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished many times during its service life.

Engineered wood floors are manufactured using multiple layers of wood veneers. The layers that you can?t see can be of the same species, a composite material, or different species. The top layer, which is the only layer that is visible, uses high-quality wood. The grain of each layer runs in perpendicular directions, which makes it very dimensionally stable. This means that the wood will expand and contract less than solid wood floors during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Engineered wood floors can be used in any room in a home, including those below ground.

Glossy or matte?

The sheen of your wood oor is a matter of personal preference. Gloss nishes offer the most shine and will re ect the most light, semi- gloss finishes offer some shine and will reaect some light, and matte finishes offer the least shine and will react the least light. The less sheen, the less you will notice small scratches and other wear that is normal with wood floors.